What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a method of re-education. The Technique works on the person as a whole, restoring balance to body and mind. Everyone possesses a natural poise and coordination. Through the years the habits we learn and accumulate interfere with this poise.

Our habits appear familiar and normal to us, but frequently they lead to mal-functioning. Indeed our habits typically appear so familiar and normal to us that the reliability of our senses is disturbed and the sensory mechanism can no longer be depended on to give us a correct reading of how our bodies work well.

The Technique looks at how we do everyday things, and brings our attention to the process rather than to the end or result. It brings an awareness of the correct amount of energy that is needed for any particular task—whether everyday or occasional—so that we use ourselves constructively and efficiently. It is only with awareness that we can develop the possibility to bring about change and make conscious decisions—rather than being enslaved by our habits and reacting repeatedly in an unconscious way.