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Kilibra, body – mind – movement is the result of a long experience that materializes in the creation of this  space to integrate body and mind.

As a child, the expression through the body opened up the possibility of communicating with the world from authentic corners of my interior. Dance allowed me to connect with the sensitivity of movement, express through the body and create.

Subsequently, I learned to know the balanced use of my body with the Alexander Technique, the subtleties of coordination, through a beautiful and refined dialogue between body and mind. A work on the discovery and curiosity of myself, which continues to surprise and enrich me every day.

Laura Martínez Martínez, kilibra cos . ment . moviment, Alexander Technique

Teaching the Technique I continue to learn and with each of my students the possibility unfolds that their authenticity is allowed to flourish, in a serene, connected and integrated way. I marvel at the potential of the work and the benefit that their practice offers them, as they learn to stop, listen and guide themselves in a constructive way.

In my search to integrate the body and mind, to understand the emotion in the body, I trained as a Dance/movement therapist, an experience in which my knowledge joins and expands to the dimension of the psyche and the role of corporeality in the path of consciousness and the healing of deep wounds. It opens dialogue and respect with myself and the others.

Kilibra, body – mind – movement arises from the need to unite all my experiences and work from different paths that gives me the possibility of offering you a space if you are looking for this connection body and mind, it is an integrating look in a respectful direction of consciousness and healing.

My training:

Contemporary Dance at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, 1989.

Alexander Technique teacher at ATON school in the Netherlands, 2003.

Master of Dance Movement Therapy at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2014.

I am a member of:

Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in Spain (APTAE).

Association of Dance Movement / Therapy in Spain (ADMTE).

Currently studying:

Psychology at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2023.

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