Dance Therapy · DMT

Dance Movement Therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline. It is a modality within the artistic-creative therapies.

Working with the body, movement and dance includes an expressive, creative and playful aspect, in addition, it contains a therapeutic aspect.

Body awareness, the ability to move and express ourselves offers us a creative and healing freedom that promotes physical and mental health.

The body and non-verbal expressions serve as tools to deploy processes that stimulate the emotional, cognitive and physical integration of the person, thus achieving a state of well-being and fullness.

Dance Movement Therapy facilitates emotional stability, prevents physical and mental imbalances such as stress, burnout, anxiety or depression.

The connection between body and mind through movement helps us address:

Body awareness and authentic movement


Muscle relaxation and distension of accumulated energy.

Body rhythm and coordination.

Artistic expression and dance.

Recommended reading

The body in psycotherapy, Heidrun Panhofer, Ed. Gedisa

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