Who is it for?

If you are looking for a tool that will help you achieve a process of personal growth and transformation, then we are convinced that the Alexander Technique is for you.

For all those performers who need to improve coordination and physical endurance as actors, singers or dancers.

The method facilitates movements providing greater plasticity. Reduces fear when facing interpretive stress or stage fright.

It is useful, since you learn a new skill to optimize postural and motor coordination in your profession.

For athletes who seek to complement their practice with the Alexander Technique, as it benefits training, prevents injuries and contributes to greater physical performance.

The technique helps pregnant women facing physical changes, in addition to stimulating fetal positioning and preparation for childbirth.

For people with sedentary jobs, whose activity requires repetitive, constant and monotonous actions such as working in front of the computer.

The Alexander Technique is aimed at those who need:

Reduce stress and body tension.

Soothe back and joint pain.

– Reduce muscle overload and avoid muscular contractures.

Improve breathing.

Get a good rest.

Achieve comfort and serenity.

Feel comfortable with your own body.

Try and discover the possibility of learning this fantastic tool.

An investment for the rest of your life.

Alexanderr Technique for dancers, Alexander Technique for professionals, Alexander Technique for pregnancy