Who is it for?

The Alexander Technique is for everyone who is interested in self-awareness and self-development. It is already very well known among performers—musicians, actors, singers, and dancers—since their livelihood depends on good coordination and stamina. The Technique brings greater ease of movement and a reduction in performance stress and stage fright.

The Alexander Technique is not a kind of therapy but a learning process that can bring therapeutic effects. Since the Technique looks at the way in which we use ourselves, people with problems like repetitive strain injury (RSI), backache and other kinds of persistent pain often find that lessons can help to prevent these difficulties from developing, or in dealing with them more effectively when they arise.

Many pregnant women have found the Technique very useful for dealing with changes in their bodies, and it well known that it encourages correct fetal positioning. It is also a good preparation for dealing with childbirth and its associated pain, and for facilitating delivery as a natural process of life.