What is the Alexander Thechnique

The Alexander Technique is a learning method that works to facilities a balance of the person in relation to their body and mind, understanding the individual as a unit.

As children we have a natural postural and motor coordination, which over the years tends to decrease.

Faced with specific situations, —stress, anxiety, fear, pressure, etc.— we respond  with a reactive bodily reaction that we usually repeat, thus originating patterns of use.

After a while, we incorporate such patterns that are familiar to us, and as a consequence we create a bad habit that impairs our natural postural and motor coordination. 

The technique, developed in the late nineteenth century by the Australian Frederick Matthias Alexander, teaches us to pay attention, to understand how we perform a movement.

«The technique Alexander is attention without tension»

Time and clear observation allows us to optimize our use and the amount of energy that we need to use in each of our activities

«As a result, the Alexander Technique generates well-being, facilities calm and serenity. It quiets our thoughts and offers us physical and mental stability»