What happens in a lesson?

The Alexander Technique is normally taught in one-to-one lessons. The teacher uses his or her hands to guide movement and combines this with straightforward verbal instructions in order to re-find the kind of balance and ease that comes to most young children naturally.

The lesson consists of a number of simple procedures that are basic to everyday activities—lying down, sitting, walking and speaking. With experience and observation you will learn better coordination, and how to free yourself from unwanted tension which interferes with good use. Becoming aware of your patterns gives the possibility of changing harmful habits and allowing greater efficiency and freedom in the way you use yourself.

At the beginning of this learning process it is important to have regular lessons in order to have a base from which you can work on yourself. The Technique works with long-established habits, and it takes time to change these. After a while you will be able to apply the Technique to more complex and demanding activities and situations, and to tailor it to your personal needs.