Dance/ Movement Therapy

laura dansa

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul”.

“The body says what words cannot.”
Martha Graham

It’s a speciality in psychotherapy that uses the body and non-verbal expressions as a process to promote the integration of the physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of the individual. It belongs to the group of the creative therapies in psychotherapy like musictherapy, artherapy and dramatherapy.
It’s defined as the psychotherapeutic use of the movement and dance inside a process that looks after the psychophisical integration of the individual (Bernstein, 1979; Panhofer & Rodriguez, 2005).

In the therapeutic process:
To promote the development of the individual potencial that for some reason, internal or external, has stopped (grif, separation, change, blocked, instability, trauma, etc.).
The therapy offers a space to explore and discover the conflicts that we can have, or about a specific moment in life which we are going through, and in that way we have the possibility to transform it.

Through the body and the movement:
The body and the movement express aspects of the self that can be unconscious, related to the internal attitude, in shapes and gestures integrated in primary moments of the evolving process of growing, or aspects of our personality, experiences and sensations that we find difficult to express with words.
It allows us to find coherence between what we think and what we do.
Through the exploration and the improvisation we can find a type of creativity that the level of words cannot reach.
The verbal expression is also used to express the experienced moments and to create links between our conscious and unconscious. As a way to get consciousness and to be able to reflect.

The sessions:
We use the movement or quietness and rest, materials, music and plastic arts.

The therapeutic process is individual or can be in a group as well, it will depend of the person’s needs.

Is directed to adults and children, people with special needs. The session and the process adapts to the needs of each individual and their particular situation.

The duration of the session is of 60 minutes weekly, but the agreement will be flexible and will be adapted to each case.

The session are:

In Barcelona and in Valldoreix (St. Cugat del Vallès).

To receive information or to book  a session you can contact me at:
636 519 703

Lectures in spanish
El cuerpo en piscoterapia, Heidrun Panhofer, Ed. Gedisa
La vida es danza, Hilda Wengrower y Sharon Chaiklin, Ed. Gedisa

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