Student´s testimonies


“I was at a stage in my life of knowing my mind, body and movement when I discovered the Alexander Technique.
Working with this technique has meant a noticeable change in my escape valve, which is dancing Balboa. I stopped controlling every movement and looking for its perfection, to learn to flow, to move without extra and unnecessary tension, to know how to wait and listen, to be there.
This change was perceived not only by me, but also by my environment. A change that began to be reflected in the dance, but that also begins to be perceived in the day to day.”


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“My experience with A.T. has been excellent: first it made unnecessary, years ago, a sung disc hernia operation, and then, when it has been reawakened at some point, the practice of inhibiting and remembering the directions in the classes, have made the body itself come out of the pain-contraction-pain cycle in a couple of days.
In addition, the Alexander Technique has been a source of learning through the body, but the most positive application in the global arena of my life, as is open perception, and being with the body deployed thanks to the support (or comfort) of gravity. I am very grateful.”

Carles Àvila
Clinical Psychologist

“I spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, standing up or in planes because of my work, which causes me frequent muscular pains, especially in my back and feet. Thanks to the Alexander Technique I have learned to become aware of my body and manage pain by reducing it a lot. It also helps me to be aware of myself and to realize what is happening to me in the present moment. For me it is a new way of living much more fully and intensely.

Manel Forn Vilar
47 years
Industrial Engineer

“I never valued words enough to describe the Alexander Technique. Yet I always try to find them to recommend it.
For many ailments it helps where medicine cannot.
For the well-being of living, it offers a wonderful way to attend to the body, the mind, to recover the bond between the two, and to be able to interact with what surrounds us in an enriched way.
A continuous movement in our being, that unfolds the supports, from where it opens the song, the dance, the step, the embrace”.

Leonora Faigón Schprejer
60 years
Medical imaging specialist

“My experience with the Alexander Technique has been entirely positive. It has taught me another way to walk, to sit, to work in front of the computer without suffering back pain.
The harmony between the curepus and the mind that the Technique brings, facilitates any activity, and the best thing is that it does not cost anything to learn it. With a few sessions with a specialist who accompanies you through the process and shows you the basic principles of the Technique, you begin to notice its effects.
Without a doubt, we recommend it to improve your quality of life!

47 years
University Professor

“Recover the lightness. To return periodically to recover the pleasure of using each of the joints of our body. I think I arrived at the Technique by curious about how to improve the use of the voice and the improvement of posture. I remember the skepticism with which I went to class and even the embarrassment I had to talk about the technique to my family and friends. An unconventional discipline that just works.
The process is long, not to mention endless. However, it’s hard to get discouraged because the improvement is constant and has an impact on one’s whole life. Every movement, every action, every intention is gradually freed from resistance.
TA helped me to understand myself, but also to observe others without judgment. In life and in my profession. In sport, movement is everything, but so is intention. Achieving that state of mental flow and lightness is the gateway to “high performance”.”

Agustín Peraita Serra
28 years
Director of the FCB school in Sao Paulo, Brazil

“When I first learned the technique, I was deeply interested in the relationship between body and mind. At first I thought that by working on my body I could also improve my mind but as I progressed through the classes I realized that it was a two-way street as my thoughts were precisely the most important tool to make my body more effective. Thanks to this I have improved my concentration and it is easier for me to be attentive to the present moment. From a strictly physical point of view, my body has discovered a new way of relating to gravity that allows me to walk or sit in a lighter and more effective way. My frequent back problems and headaches have improved notably and many times I “see” them coming and applying the Technique I can avoid them going any further”.

Xavier Perez
53 years
Financial Markets Technician

“The Alexander classes are not only helping me to correct bad postural habits, but they are also a fantastic therapy to focus on the present moment, calm the mind and reconcile it with the rest of the body, generating a great feeling of lightness and well-being.

Gloria Palacios
47 years